Senior Level Programs for Top Management/ Business Leaders


Technology Trends

1 Blockchain
2 Internet of Things
3 Emerging Technologies
4 Connected Cars/ Autonomous Cars
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Programs for Project Managers and Developers

  Introductory / 2 days / 5 days Courses
1 Blockchain
2 Internet of Things
3 Telecom / Datacom
4 Wireless Technologies
5 Media Technologies
6 Emerging Technologies
7 Connected Cars / Autonomous Vehicles
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What we can do

Cumulus consulting helps organisations in strengthening their technology verticals in the domain of IoT, Blockchain, Advanced Telecom and Datacom.

We understand that there is always a need to upskill very fast on technological expertise, anticipating future trends and opportunities while building up and deploying teams on specific domains when major projects comes from your partners in US, Europe and Japan.

Re-skilling current engineers on new technology domains is another challenge consistently faced by software Industry worldwide. We understand this problem pretty well and this was our core competency and deliverable in the course of our professional careers. Now we are ready to support similar forward looking organisations to effectively handle such situations.

We also consult with start-ups and new ventures in IT domain, specialising in futuristic technologies to build your products and services on specific domains, associating from concept stage.

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