Technology Training

Training Emerging technology areas like IoT, BlockChain and advanced Telecom and Data-com. This is a key service that we offer so that organisations can ramp up fast depending on the speed with which market accelerates

Problem Solving and Organisation Building

Long term success of an organisation depends on its problem solving capability. When founders and senior leaders of a small or medium organisation are grappling with customer and delivery issues, crucial organisational problems go unnoticed. We can step in to build a successful organisation with a combination of technical and organisational problem solving expertise.

Product Design - IoT

Real world problems in different domains can be analysed and we can conceive simple solutions based on IoT. From ideation to prototyping can be done with active involvement of our customers.


BOT - Build Operate and Transfer

Product and solutions in emerging technology areas can be built cost effectively from India. We can build the Indian arm for any organisation from abroad in specific technology areas like IoT, Blockchain, Telecom and Data-com. This will be a time bound operation and we transfer the organisation at a particular size and technology capability to client. Our continued support is guaranteed.